Day 10 – Over halfway there

I can’t believe I am over half way done with this 17 day diet experiment. It hasn’t been fun but somehow the time has gone fast and I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I haven’t decided whether or not I will continue on with cycle two – although, my waistline is screaming for me to go for it! I haven’t read ahead in the book to see what it entails but it’s got to be better than this, right? I will say that I have seen movement on the scale but I am holding out on giving you all a figure until the 17th day.

I think this diet works because you get so sick of the foods you can eat you just go numb and don’t feel like eating at all. It’s getting hard for me to continue choking down eggs. By my calculations, I’ve eaten just over two dozen in the past 10 days. I am also getting tired of greens – which happens to be my favorite color. The only thing keeping me on this diet is that I actually like vegetables. But even me, the girl who can eat a pound of asparagus in one sitting, is growing tired of the leafy stuff. And maybe this is too much information – but I give it to you real – my stomach is all bloaty.

My epic fail is that I am not drinking nearly the suggested 64 ounces of water per day. I would say I am lucky if I drink half of that. It’s not that I don’t like water; it’s that my bladder is the size of a ravioli. Who wants to be running to the little girls room every five minutes?

I’m not all gripes. As I mentioned, I’ve seen movement on the scale. I’ve also experienced other pleasant surprises in this journey. Now that I have gotten through the detox hell, I am amazed at how good I feel. My energy level is normal, I haven’t had a headache in days, I am sleeping better, I feel less weighed down – all around I just feel better. Perhaps, this diet is a testament that less is more. I am also impressed at how little I miss carbs. It’s almost like the less I eat, the less I want to eat them. Does that make sense?

I have no idea where this sudden surge of willpower came from but it is serving me well so I am embracing it. For example, thanks to bring your rug rat to work day, my office was a fatty mine field today. A box of doughnuts (sprinkles to boot) greeted me this morning and a piping hot pepperoni pizza was served at lunch. It’s so unlike me but I was able to pass and stuck to my salad topped with yet another hardboiled egg.
Tomorrow though will be the true test of my willpower. I’m attempting to attend a happy hour sans cocktails and cheap apps. Wish me luck!

Motivation: My feet. As I mention in my blog entry Making lemonade I have bad feet. It makes sense that the less weight they have to lug around the better off they’ll be.
Dinner: Grilled marinated boneless and skinless chicken breast and grilled asparagus.
Exercise: Running my co-worker’s kid up and down the hall in a wheeled chair (whhhheeeeeeeeeee!). I didn’t have time for anything else because my freaking chicken took two hours to cook. I ran out of propane mid-cooking and had to run up to Lowes. It’s times like these that is really sucks to have a long distance boyfriend. It took me a good 20 minutes to unhook the dang thing because I didn’t know it was bolted in.