Day 14 – Operation drop muffin top

In the words of Stewart from Mad TV, “look what I can do”. Last week I complained of a plateau and this week – I am back baby! I have now lost a total of 13.6 pounds, which translates to about 4 pounds lost since my last blog post. I only have three more days to this cycle so I have gone a month without a drop of alcohol or nibble of bread.

Although I dropped more weight last cycle, this cycle is much more tolerable (particularly this week) and I am extremely happy with the four pounds lost. My mood has improved and my hunger levels are manageable. I am also proud to announce that my Paige Denim jeans are no longer uncomfortable and I am wearing them this week with complete ease. I still have not tried on my Joe’s Jeans because they are in Austin, but at this point, it seems like an attainable goal.

My favorite food as of late has been beef burgers and greek salads. The local grocer, Giant Eagle, has gourmet burger patties in the meat case that are easy to pick-up. And as a single person, it is awesome because I can buy just one. This week I enjoyed a steak burger and gyro burger that was flipping fantastic. Gyros are one of my favorite food items, so this felt like a huge treat. Au Bon Pain just added a greek salad to their menu and because of their proximity to the office, I think I’ve had it three times this week. The salad is a decent fit to the diet plan – the only hang-ups are the feta cheese and dressing. But, I mitigate some of the damage from the dressing by getting it on the side and forking it on. And I figure a little cheese is alright since it is not a carbohydrate.

Despite my success over the week and my weight loss, I am disappointed in how lazy I’ve become. The weather in Pittsburgh has been monsoon like lately and it has dampened my spirit. I haven’t been out for a ride or run in days. I shouldn’t be making excuses though because I do have a gym membership and I need to get with the program. I do kind of wonder what results I would have had this week if I would have sweated my ass off. But, all I can do is take strides to kick it up a notch going forward. I am also still failing at my water intake and think I might be a lost cause on that front.

I conclude this cycle on Sunday and have full intention of continuing with whatever the book dictates is next. I sure hope more food items are added back into my options as this coming week will be a real challenge. I am embarking on a cross-country road trip and there is nothing I love more than indulging in local fare. That said, I need your support now more than ever!

Next up: set of rules for cycle three and the results of the road trip.

Motivation: Me. I should have listed this as my first motivation. I am doing this for me. Enough said.
Lunch: Greek salad, orange, Activia
Exercise: If the rain holds off, I will be playing a softball double header tonight.