Day 6 – first Easter ever sans Cadbury eggs

I took a few days off from the blog to enjoy the holiday weekend with my family. But don’t worry; I’ve been suffering behind the scenes. Although, I have still been struggling with headaches, I am not starving anymore. I think my body is finally starting to adjust. The most difficult thing this whole weekend has been the temptations – being a holiday and all.

My dad, who loves to cook, drove all the way from Michigan with a car full of groceries. When he visits, I surrender the kitchen to him and it’s like I’m a kid all over again. I warned him before he came that I was on a crazy diet. But, my mom, sister, and he still have to eat and they shouldn’t have to suffer too. Surprisingly though, I’ve been able to navigate myself without too much deviation from the diet plan. Last night my dad grilled porterhouse steaks and potatoes, steamed Brussels sprouts, and baked a mandarin orange cake with cream cheese frosting. Since the 17 day diet is centered around protein I allowed myself to have piece of steak the size of a deck of cards and I paired it with a heaping mound of brussel sprouts. Somehow I mustered up the strength to say no to the crispy buttery grilled potatoes and fluffy moist cake topped with my absolutely favorite frosting (good lord, it hurts me just to type that!). So even though I indulged in a little red meat, I feel good about things.

Speaking of being a kid all over again, even though I am 30, I still demand an Easter basket. This year is no exception. My ultimate favorite treat is Cadbury eggs and you betcha I got some this morning in my basket. But, because of this stupid diet I had to break tradition and tell myself I couldn’t have one for breakfast. Instead, I turned to more real eggs (again!) for a protein based breakfast. I will be freezing the Cadbury eggs for when this dang experiment is over.

I am surprised with my willpower this time around – I can’t tell you how many times I have started and failed various diets. I can sometimes be a private person so this whole blogging thing is new to me – not to mention, I am not a writer. But, I really think the accountability is keeping me in check. I don’t want you all to know that I failed. In addition to the viral support and accountability, it’s been great to have the support of my family this weekend. I highly recommend if you are going to embark upon something like this to let the people around you know and request their support. For example, when my sister went to cut the cake she brought over just enough plates for my mom, dad, and her. I was sad, but it was a good thing she didn’t ask me if I wanted some, because I didn’t have the opportunity to say, “why not”.

Motivation: Jesus. Even though I was raised Catholic, I really struggle with religion in general. But I figure he’s the reason behind this holiday and if he can do the whole cross thing for us, I certainly can fast for 17 days.
Easter Dinner: Because of the diet, my dad left the ham at home. Instead, I had grilled chicken and green beans.
Exercise:After dinner stroll with mom.