Day 7 – Operation drop muffin top

I am now well into the activate phase – a week to be exact. I was so excited to enter this phase because of the expanded list of food options, but quite frankly I have been disappointed. I was so excited to have my first piece of red meat in weeks, but quite frankly, steak is not as good as I remember. Raised in the Midwest, I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl through and through so I don’t know what has gotten into me. Typically, nothing satisfies me like a great hunk of steak. But now meat in general is starting to skeeve me out.

My second disappointment is with the scale. Unless there is some miracle tomorrow morning when I do the official one week weigh-in, my weight loss has gone stagnant. As of this morning I was only down a few ounces.

The book states that the first 17 days offer a jump start to weight loss and you lose more weight during the first cycle than any other. It indicates that this jump start is a motivator for individuals that need to see instant results (ME!!). It also recognizes that things will slow down as you progress through the cycles. I acknowledge this, it isn’t my first diet rodeo, but really a few ounces?!?! Mentally, I am not ready to plateau so soon. I am the type of person that seeks results for motivation – really, who isn’t? It does not make sense to me either. I am definitely eating less than I did a month ago. Unlike the old me, there is barely any eating between meals. Pretty much, the only snack available is smoked turkey breast lunch meat and I am growing tired of that too. I am playing by all the food rules and getting my 17 minutes of exercise. Whhaaaaaa! I just do not get it.

But as they say, nothing worthwhile is easy and this here experiment is no exception. I have committed to myself and my readers that I will finish this cycle and that is exactly what I am going to do. After all, I started this strictly as a ridiculous diet experiment and had no real expectations. Considering I had no expectations, losing 10 pounds is awesome and needs to be my focus. After all, I could have continued on my path of weight gain and in a worse position than when I started this. Onward I go!

Motivation: The boyfriend. He has never ever made one comment to make me feel insecure about my weight and loves me unconditionally. But, I want to be the best I can be for him.
Dinner: Grilled top sirloin steak, green beans (topped with spray butter, lemon pepper, and a dash of Parmesan cheese)
Exercise: Walked five miles, loving every bit of the sunshine. If the rain holds off, I’ll also have a softball game tonight.