Fraud fighter by day, t-shirt slinger by night

This entry is a follow-up to my Making Lemonade entry. I’ll share another aspect of my life that serves for motivation for PassingLEFT.

As the title indicates, I am a fraud fighter. What this means is that my days are spent navigating my way through the intricacies of white collar crimes. Specifically, I investigate contract fraud, kickbacks, technology transfer, product substitution, health-care fraud, theft of government property – and the list goes on and on. The thing with white collar crime is that you see how all these corporations and affluent people are getting ahead by cheating. This irritates me and I am tired of it. It is so disappointing to see such talented and intellectual people using their skills in such a destructive manner. Is it really that hard to get a head by doing the right thing (I often think about this in terms of politics too)? Really, when it comes down to it – a company with a conscience should be more successful – in an ideal world anyway. I will also add, that the success of a company should not be measured by the bottom line – rather it’s impact on the community. So here I am with my PassingLEFT project, trying to see what I can do with it. I want to do something productive with myself in my downtime and use the resources of PassingLEFT in a positive manner. As you may have noticed, I don’t have a mission statement. I like the idea of beliefs better. In a condensed version, my beliefs for PassingLEFT include promoting fitness, endorsing “local”, showcasing artists, and giving back to the community. I invite you to come along and join the “movement” – together we can make a difference. And you’ll look cool doing it.