Where was I?

Oy vey, it’s been too long. I left off about three weeks ago, just finishing off the activate phase/second 17-day cycle. The dust has finally settled from my road trip from Austin, TX to Pittsburgh, PA and the boyfriend is all moved in. So it is time to get back behind the keyboard.

As I write this and realize the amount of time that has passed from my last blog post I am disappointed in myself. I am now down 15 pounds total – which is awesome, but that equates to only being down 1.4 pounds since my last posting. With that there are two perspectives: glass half full and glass half empty.

The good news is that I survived the road trip without any weight gain. This is a win in its own right considering my road trip snacks consisted of zero carb meat treats such as pork rinds and beef jerky. We also stopped at two different Man v. Food restaurants along the way. Gus’s World Famous Chicken in Memphis, TN, specializing in fried chicken and The Thurman Cafe. in Columbus, OH, famous for their burgers. And yes, I had the battered fried chicken and ate the burger bun. As they say, “when in Rome”. A girl has to experience life after all and I am trying to get this “moderation” thing down. And hell yeah, it was good.

The bad news is that I am totally taking advantage of cycle 3, as evidenced by my low weight loss number. Cycle 3 allows you to eat pretty much every type of meat, some whole wheat grains, and one alcoholic beverage a day. Unfortunately for me and the jeans I am trying to get back into, I have started getting my protein from higher fat items such as Buffalo wings and gyro meat. Even though the diet allows for chicken, I don’t think it is suppose to be fried, sauced, and dipped into ranch dressing. I’ve also cheated in alcohol department. Very rarely do I stop at just one. I am not drinking every night or anything – but over the past couple weeks I’ve had a number of margaritas and raspberry Stoli vodka and diet Squirt.

Lastly, I’ve had a weakness for cheese lately. Cycle 3 does not permit it, but because it does not have carbs, I’ve talked myself into allowing it. Specifically, I’ve been devouring brie and fruit lately. I think I am making up for all my pregnant friends, as I’ve gone through four wedges in the past few weeks.

All that “bad news” aside – besides the batter and bun on the road trip I’ve done an amazing job staying away from white bread, white rice, and sugar – the carbs they say are the worst for you. And for the record, I am officially regrouping, returning to the blog and aiming to get my booze, cheese, and fried meat intake under control. In addition, I’ve paired up with four other team members and am participating in Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans’, Burst into Summer weight loss challenge. (Go team 12!). My Alaskan cruise is about a month away and my goal is to lose another 5 pounds before I set sail.

Frankly, I am bored of typing out what I’ve eaten, my motivation, and excercise. So I am going to endhere.